The Glendale sheriff knows you have rights. If the sheriff arrests you for any reason, he is required to inform you of those rights. They include your right to remain silent and to have an attorney present. If the Glendale sheriff does not tell you about these rights (known as your Miranda Rights), things you tell him may not be admissible in court later.

You should always have an attorney present before answering any question the sheriff asks you. A qualified attorney who is experienced in criminal law can help you understand the charges against you and let you know just what you should say to law-enforcement officials. The information you provide the sheriff at the beginning of the booking process can make a big difference in the ultimate outcome of your case.

Know Your Rights with the Glendale Sheriff

Once you've been arrested and taken to jail, you are legally entitled to three local telephone calls. Let one of these be to Daniel J. Tripathi. He is the attorney you want on your side at the Glendale sheriff's office. Since he deals exclusively in criminal cases, Daniel J. Tripathi knows how to mount a competent legal defense quickly, even before your first appearance in court. He can help you get through the initial-questioning process.

Put the best criminal-defense attorney in Glendale to work for you. Contact Daniel J. Tripathi at, 877-4CA-LAWS (877-422-5297) or 951-346-3282 (fax). You can also reach him at 1008 W Avenue M14, Suite A, Palmdale, CA 93551 or 555 Anton Boulevard, Suite 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 or 4192 Brockton Avenue, Suite 100, Riverside, CA 92501.