No matter how long you've been in the Los Angeles county jail, you need a competent attorney to look out for your interests. This can mean arranging bail, helping you answer questions from the police, or mounting a full defense for an upcoming court battle. Spending even one minute in the Los Angeles county jail is too long for most people. Increase your chances of getting out sooner by retaining the appropriate legal counsel.

In Los Angeles, Daniel J. Tripathi is the criminal-defense attorney of choice. With an extensive background in both criminal and business law, Tripathi now devotes his entire legal practice to defending those accused of crimes. It doesn't matter how big or small those crimes may be. Daniel J. Tripathi tackles both misdemeanor and felony cases with equal zeal and dedication. When he is on your side, you know you're getting the best legal defense in the Los Angeles area.

You Can Call Daniel J. Tripathi from the Los Angeles County Jail

If you've just been booked into the county jail, you can request to make up to three, local telephone calls. You're going to want a lawyer right away, so make sure you use one of your phone calls to get in touch with Daniel J. Tripathi. It's important to start your legal defense as soon as possible after an arrest.

If you're in the county jail or facing a lengthy stay there, don't delay! Contact Daniel J. Tripathi at, 877-422-5297 or 951-346-3282 (fax). He can also be found at 1008 W Avenue M14, Suite A, Palmdale, CA 93551 or 575 Anton Boulevard, Suite 300, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 or 4192 Brockton Avenue, Suite 100, Riverside, CA 92501.