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Although Mr. Tripathi and his firm now practice in several areas of law his training began with dozens of criminal trials in Riverside

A criminal defense trial attorney has became an extremely valuable commodity to individuals throughout Southern California who find themselves at the mercy of aggressive and uncompassionate District Attorney's offices. Enforcement authorities are cooperating with each other and opening new investigations and prosecutions at an unprecedented rate. These matters require an attorney who is prepared to take the issue to the next level. Daniel Tripathi is uniquely qualified to guide his clients through a challenging criminal law environment.

From a DUI case, to Evictions to Business litigation and Probate, we can help!

Assertive and cost effective are the firms two basic principles. First and foremost, we are committed to providing our clients with legal services of the highest quality. Daniel Tripathi has always sought the most challenging work and he prides himself on his pretrial motions.


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